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Features:- Lightweight and streamlined ergonomic body, durable to use.- Easy for thick and long hair shiny and frizz-free hair mash filter.- Adjust the heat and air flow to your personal needs to avoid dry out.- Silky soft and shiny hair instantly.- Heat can help transfer the onto each hair shaft.- ..
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Main Featuresu25cf Muscle ReliefDesigned for the relief of muscle stiffness and soreness, improve blood and lymph circulation, accelerating damage after exercise and sports recovery, improve the overall health of the body's soft tissue, fascia and muscle to prevent inflammation caused by adhesions.u..
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Specifications:u25cf Material: ABSu25cf Display: LED displayu25cf SpO2 measurement range: 0% - 100% (resolution 1%)u25cf Accuracy: 70% - 100%: + / - 2%, less than 70% not specifiedu25cf PR measurement range: 30 - 250bpm (resolution 1bpm)u25cf Accuracy: + / - 2bpm or + / - 2%u25cf Power consumption: ..
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Characters:- High-temperature synthetic fiber, high heat resistant- Brand new with high quality- Stylish and unique medium straight bob feathered hairstyle with natural looks and soft touch - Multi colors to choose- New hairstyle, new looks, more attraction, more confidence - Suitable for daily life..
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Main Features:- Made of high-temperature synthetic fiber, it can be second curled and flat ironed and withstand high temperature below 180u2103- Breathable elastic mesh net liner. There are two elastic straps with fixed buckles on the back of the net for easy adjustment to fit different head sizes- ..
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Why do you need a nail dust collector?Nail cleaner is for environmental considerations. In the process of nail polishing, if there is no dust collector, nail dust will be scattered everywhere, affecting the air environment and people's mood. It can achieve a real dust-free environment.Features:- Str..
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Nail Glazing Machine Nail Glazing Machine
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Product Features:- Voltage range: 220V ( EU plug ), 110V ( US plug )- The method of using rapid mechanical clamping, gripping more reliable- Unique heat sink handle, prolonged use will not overheat hot phenomenon- Quiet and smooth, very low vibration design for comfort grip- 30000 RPM for maximum st..
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Features: Adjustable speed: the speed can be controlled in a range from 0 - 30000 revolutions per minutes.Multifunction drill: the device can serve to drill holes, polish surfaces, shape the edge and engrave images.Control: forward and reverse controlApplication: professional salon or home usePortab..
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Description:An ideal toolset for nail decoration! It is a professional and custom product with dual-direction nail technique, safe movement in isolation, grinding head bits and a flexible handpiece. You can adjust the speed freely by sliding the knob on the host with a manual transmission.Features:-..
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Main Features:u25cf Hardcore double-effect, TENS pulse massage to completely relax the neck musclesu25cf 15 level strength, kneading, scraping, acupunctureu25cf 3 wrap-around design, deep massageu25cf 83 deep massages / minute, say goodbye to the stiff neck musclesu25cf Warm and hot compress, double..
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Features:Good for stuffy nose, allergy and sinus problems.Exclusive design makes nasal rinsing a breeze. Large hole makes it easy to fill and clean. Nasal adapter comfortably fits all noses. Unique design makes it easy to hold and use. Compact design allows convenient storage.Very effective and simp..
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Features:- High-tech intelligent screen display, easy to read- Intelligent backlight tips, a mother can determine the baby's temperature at a glance- Streamlined handle design, easy to hold and operate- Home essential, take care of your health every moment- Practical and professional thermometer, sa..
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